Fantasy Football

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Football Is King of Fantasy Sports

Fantasy baseball is heating up (yawn). I don't play fantasy baseball for the same reason I don't watch baseball. A 162-game season is painstakingly long. Each regular season MLB game only counts 0.6% to the team's final record (1/162 = 0.6%). On the other hand, each regular season pro football game counts a whopping 6.25% to the team's final record (1/16 = 6.25%). Proportionately speaking, each football game is over 10 times more important than each baseball game (6.25/0.6 = 10.41). Perhaps this is why football is 10 times more exciting than baseball.

To put things in a different context, compare the NBA Finals to March Madness. A single-elimination tournament is much more exciting than a 7-game series because anything can happen on a given night, but it would be extremely difficult for a 12 seed to beat a 5 seed four out of seven tries.

Longer schedules suck the excitement out of sports.